Calendar of Events 

May 4 The Milagro Center (Fundraiser)

May 11 Valencia Reserve -The Brooklyn Club 

May 12 Throw Social - The Ladies 7pm 

May 14  The Tin Roof - 6pm 

May 18 Irwin Adoulf 7pm (Private event)

May 19 Throw Social - The Ladies 7pm 

May 20 The Tin Roof - 6pm 

May 26 Cascades Lakes 

May 26 Throw Social - The Ladies 7pm 

May 27 The Tin Roof 

June 3 The Tin Roof 

June 10 The Tin Roof 

June 15 The Wellington Ampitheater 
The Ladies of Memory Lane 7pm 

June 17 The Tin Roof 

June 24 The Tin Roof 

July 1 The Tin Roof 


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